I was excited to have the ‘Fresh Eyes’ review for our district’s nutrition services program. We currently have a solid program with quality staff, healthy finances and high student participation; however, it is important to evaluate current practices to identify potential changes that can be made to continuously improve our services.

Once the review started, it was clear that Jean has a wealth of experience that allowed her to evaluate all facets of our program; ranging from meal and nutrition planning to marketing and communications to finances. She provided us with observations/findings, commendations and recommendations for each of the different areas of our food service program. I appreciated the commendations as they allowed us verify and celebrate the things we are doing well. In addition, she also provided a list of thoughtful recommendations that we can improve upon for certain areas of our program in order to offer an improved nutrition services program to our students, families and community. I would highly recommend Jean to other school districts that are interested in having a quality, thorough review of their nutrition services program.
— Dr. Dave Webb, Superintendent of South St. Paul Public Schools

Jean Ronnei and ProTeam Advisors provided us with outstanding support to operate our food service program more efficiently and safely, while increasing the quality and customer approval of the food we offer our students. I couldn’t be more pleased with our ongoing partnership! I am sure it will be the students and parents that will be most appreciative.
— Scott Thompson, Superintendent of Community Consolidated School District 15

If you are looking for a complete program to help you with menu development, ordering, HACCP plan components, providing the nutritional information to the public and following all nutritional guidelines, the PRO-TEAM Foodservice Advisors program is  the program for you.  Using this program we were able to better serve our students and prepare for any local or state reviews.
— Jeff Richardson of Campbellsville Independent Schools

PRO-TEAM understands the complexities of school nutrition. Their expertise, supportive approach, and attention to detail allows our district to be stronger by working smarter. They are helping us to achieve our full potential.
— Shannon FitzGerald, MS, RD, LD of Avon Lake City Schools

PRO-TEAM Foodservice Advisors has been one of the best products we have ever invested in. We reduce overspending and waste and most importantly all of our schools are now aligned and compliant with the USDA and Department of Education mandates. I could not be more impressed with the customer service, which is always helpful and professional.
— Rushdi Issa, Building & Groups Coordinator/Food Service Director

You just made my job way easier!
— Maggie Porada, Coordinator-Compliance & Board of Directors for Global Education Excellence