Pro•Team provided us with expertise, insight, and a clear road map to improvements; they understand local nuances. Their support has helped us do a better job at serving our students, parents, staff, and community. Since our Fresh Eyes Review, our student and staff experience has completely turned around. We are up 20-25% in sales and have happier students, an inviting space and a more enticing display of menu items, due to the changes Pro•Team suggested in our review.
— Don Killingbeck Jr., Ed.S., Superintendent, Hemlock Public Schools, MI
Our department was looking to take our customer focus to the next level. Pro•Team Advisors was amazing in helping us develop long range planning and execution plans for our department that will ensure our continuous improvement in participation, marketing, and fiscal responsibility. We really appreciated Jean’s collaboration and candid communication with our team. With Jean and Pro•Team’s help, we are more confident than ever that our next action steps will help us achieve our vision for our department.
— Jessica Shelly, MBA, SNS, REHS Food Services Director, Cincinnati Public Schools
Pro•Team’s Fresh Eye review covered our central kitchen and school operations. Recommendations ranged from HACCP strategies, revenue opportunities, marketing and staffing needs. Since the review and final report, we’ve reorganized our leadership structure to improve efficiency. We added a key position in our central kitchen and warehouse to better meet our goals and objectives. We were especially pleased to have the recommendations prioritized so administration would understand the need for thoughtful implementation over time. The recommendation really helped to show administration the need for changes and additional personnel. I appreciate Pro•Team’s and Jean’s help and recommend their team to help with your districts evaluation needs.
— Benny Calderon, Child Nutrition Manager, Campbell Union School District, CA
Outstanding!! The Fresh Eyes review of our three-district school nutrition program resulted in many excellent suggestions for improvement. Facing low participation rates in our middle and high schools, Jean analyzed the situation and provided feedback from menu ideas, to great thoughts for jazzing up uniforms and our physical space. Her analysis consisted of a look at the trends in our financials, to discussions with staff and observations she made at each kitchen. In addition, she really listened to the many struggles we identified and the ideas we had. She put all that data together with her own incredible background and experience and the end result was a very through look at what we can do better, new ideas we can incorporate and some real, quality solutions to the challenges we are facing. I would highly recommend the Fresh Eyes review for any school district interested in making their nutrition program better!
— Kelly Seeley, Business Administrator, Hollis-Brookline Schools, NH
Pro•Team understands the complexities of school nutrition. Their expertise, supportive approach, and attention to detail allows our district to be stronger by working smarter. They are helping us to achieve our full potential.
— Shannon FitzGerald, MS, RD, LD of Avon Lake City Schools
Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors has been one of the best products we have ever invested in. We reduced overspending and waste and most importantly all of our schools are now aligned and compliant with the USDA and Department of Education mandates. I could not be more impressed with the customer service, which is always helpful and professional.
— Rushdi Issa, Building & Groups Coordinator/Food Service Director, MI
I was excited to have the ‘Fresh Eyes’ review for our district’s nutrition services program. We currently have a solid program with quality staff, healthy finances and high student participation; however, it is important to evaluate current practices to identify potential changes that can be made to continuously improve our services. Once the review started, it was clear that Jean has a wealth of experience that allowed her to evaluate all facets of our program; ranging from meal and nutrition planning to marketing and communications to finances. She provided us with observations/findings, commendations and recommendations for each of the different areas of our food service program. I appreciated the commendations as they allowed us verify and celebrate the things we are doing well. In addition, she also provided a list of thoughtful recommendations that we can improve upon for certain areas of our program in order to offer an improved nutrition services program to our students, families and community. I would highly recommend Jean to other school districts that are interested in having a quality, thorough review of their nutrition services program.
— Dr. Dave Webb, Superintendent of South St. Paul Public Schools, MN
Pro•Team Advisors provided us with outstanding support to operate our food service program more efficiently and safely, while increasing the quality and customer approval of the food we offer our students. I couldn’t be more pleased with our ongoing partnership! I am sure it will be the students and parents that will be most appreciative.
— Scott Thompson, Superintendent of Community Consolidated School District 15
We are always striving to improve our programs, and the fresh eyes review provided the information, ideas, and brainstorming opportunities I needed to move our program to the next level. Pro•Team Advisors is a group of highly motivated, child nutrition professionals (many of whom have run their own successful programs!) who know and understand our challenges. They are there to help and do so in a way that is professional, thoughtful, and respectful to your circumstances/situation. The fresh eyes review has been instrumental in helping me set priorities that allows us to move our child nutrition program to the next level. Jean Ronnei conducted a fresh eyes review for Rapid City Area Schools. She talked with kitchen staff, administration, and students. We had the opportunity to do some brainstorming, and I received the final report within days…not weeks…of her review. The report provided a tool for me to use in developing an action plan. I used the fresh eyes experience and report to educate kitchen staff and administration about changes that needed to be made.
— Janelle Peterson, M.Ed., SNS, Rapid City Area Schools, SD

I’ve been at this district a long time ... and this training session with Jill (from Pro•Team Food Service Advisors) is the best session I’ve ever attended. Thank you.
— Nutrition 101 for Food and Nutrition Staff participant
You just made my job way easier!
— Maggie Porada, Coordinator-Compliance & Board of Directors for Global Education Excellence
It has been a pleasure to work with Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors. They have a very talented team who do a great job communicating the importance and complexity of a well-run school meals program. Their collective experience provides a unique perspective allowing them to connect with both the Food Service Professional and the School Business Official – helping both to better manage their school nutrition program.
— Scott Little, Associate Executive Director, MI School Business Officials & Executive Director School Nutrition Assoc. of MI
I could not be more pleased with the entire process of our recent Peer to Peer “Fresh Eyes” review. Jean Ronnei and several fellow peers reviewed our Food & Nutrition Program evaluating areas of strengths, challenges and opportunities. The team provided commendations and recommendations that were based on data, observations and industry standards. I am exceeding pleased with the resulting suggestions to enhance our program. Pro•Team truly does provide “Fresh Eyes” resulting in constructive, practical ideas for districts to enhance their food and nutrition programs, I highly recommend Jean and her team for your district!
— Brenda L. Braulick Food Service Director Sartell-St. Stephen Public Schools, MN
This session (Keep the Excitement Alive through Special Promotions with Jill Camber Davidson) gave me the confidence to do something different and include other people.”

”Loved this (Keep the Excitement Alive through Special Promotions) session! Such great ideas!
— KEDC Nutrition Group, KY
All of us in this industry are busy, so don’t let that be an excuse to get your team together and do formal strategic planning. The investment of time and resources pays for itself by giving the department clear direction and benchmarks/goals to guide their work. This saves you time, money and embarrassment later.”

“They (Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors) were wonderful. The best strategic planning I have ever been a part of. They were considerate and spoke to the group as equals (rather than being condescending). I thought they did a good job of keeping the group on track and focused. I was really impressed with how much we got done in one day.”

“The facilitators did a great job of engaging everyone (even the quieter employees) as well as making everyone feel comfortable enough to speak up in front of the group.”

“They were upbeat and encouraging. Told stories from their work- successes and failures.”

“They did a great job adding to our ideas, building on what they were hearing/feeling from our group, and provoking additional thought.
— Strategic Planning Survey Results, Jeffco, CO