Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors is pleased to offer School Menu Solutions software subscription and support service. We use a software subscription system that is USDA certified for 6-cent certification and nutrient analysis. Your software subscription is set up and supported by a team of dietitians experienced in USDA meal patterns, meal components and strategies for school foodservice.

Below is an outline of the menu software subscription and the support services Pro•Team provides in setting up the software for your school.


Comprehensive web-based menu software premium subscription including:

  • Health-e Menu Planner Administrative License Menu Planning Tool – Approved by USDA for 6-cent Menu Compliance & Nutrient Analysis certification. Uses include generating cycle menus, standardized recipes, and shopping list, cost analysis, scalable USDA recipes, USDA database access, sharing between districts, cataloged supporting documents, and Administrative Review reports.  

  • District Production Record Module – Generates federally required Production Records for each Child Nutrition meal service – includes Breakfast, Lunch, After-School Snack, and CACFP At-Risk Supper.  

  • School Site Production Record Licenses – Generates site-specific production records using planned menu, forecasted by school site manager, and printed for each school meal service.

  • Web Connect License –Provides interactive online published menus allow students and parents to plan their ideal meals.

  • Customizable link to a branded menu on district website

  • Menu with photos of the foods served, nutrition fact panels, and ingredient lists (as provided by manufacturers and district)

  • Menu with interactive allergen information for 8 common food allergens and carbohydrate counts

  • Menu with ingredients for each food item listed for parent and nursing staff reference

  • Customizable nutrition resources link to internal resources, such as online payment system and other nutrition-related websites

web menu.png
web menu nut 2.png

Additional available software options available include:

  • Student Menu Mobile App

  • Electronic Menu Boards linked through the menu software


Set up menu software to ensure compliance with USDA nutritional standards for Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) including quantities & components, and dietary specifications of ingredients, recipes, and meal components used for Child Nutrition program meals to meet needs of the district’s students as specified:

lunch tray.png
  • Meat/meat alternate requirements

  • Whole-Grain Rich compliant grain requirements

  • Fruit and Vegetable requirements, including juice limits

  • Vegetable subgroups requirements, including dark green, red-orange, bean/pea (legume), starchy, and other vegetables

  • Milk variety requirements

  • Calories, sodium, saturated fat, and trans-fat requirements


Catalog and input information for each ingredient used including:

  • Description of ingredients with manufacturer name and item number, nutrition facts, ingredients, identification of potential allergens, vendor SKU number, pack size, cost of item, and Child Nutrition(CN) crediting information

  • Catalog of supporting documentation, CN labels, and product formulation sheets to ensure compliance with USDA meal pattern requirements

  • Listing all ingredients and carbohydrate counts for each menu item by ingredient, recipe, and menu

  • Identification of the 8 common food allergens


Build district supplied recipes for each menu item served by:

  • Linking ingredients together to form ingredient lists for recipes

  • Building detailed recipe preparation instructions for each recipe

  • Including specific instructions for serving yields, and portion size to ensure creditable portions are being served

  • Linking ingredients to include corresponding CN labels and/or product formulation statements

  • Building detailed Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HCCAP) directions and corrective actions for each recipe

  • Formatting recipes for easy scalability, allowing adjustments for actual student counts

  • Attaching product photos for interactive website menus


Build menus in software based on existing district menus and including:

  • Linking up ingredients and recipes to set up cycle menu, allowing for days off and holiday menus as needed.

  • Building menus by meal and age-grade group, linking menus to schools.

  • Providing technical assistance to bring menus into compliance for quantities, component, and dietary specifications.


Support by dietitians and experienced food service professionals to incorporate changes to the base menu including district preferences; utilize USDA Foods/DoD allocation, and other requested menu assistance. We provide preparation, customization, and ongoing support.

Virtual on-boarding training for lead staff and additional training as needed to use the software at full capacity is included in the set up. Onsite training is available for an additional fee based on travel time and costs.

Access to telephone hotline for menu planning, menu changes, software updates, and other required USDA meal program support.

Access to software database of available product manufactures’ CN labels and product formulation statements, which are updated annually or more often as products are reformulated.

Access to USDA Food Fact Sheets for the current school year, which are updated annually or more often as products change.