Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors offers an array of services catered to the food service industry. With an accredited and experienced staff of consultants our team can meet the needs of your business, school, or facility.

"Fresh EYes" Operations

Fresh Eyes (2).png
  • Offering Fresh Eyes site evaluations

  • Preparing for Administrative Reviews

  • Setting up Food Safety Plans and compliance with USDA and FDA guidelines

  • Policy and Procedure manual development


  • Creative cafeteria makeovers

  • Innovative media tools for marketing menus

  • Brand development for school nutrition programs

  • Ideas to promote your program to students, parents, school staff and the community


  • Providing training options for Institute of Child Nutrition curriculum

  • Training to meet USDA Professional Development Standards

    • Train the trainer programs

    • Line staff training

  • Offering short video segments for concept training (virtual training stations)

  • Offering in-depth financial and procurement training for food service directors

Menu support

  • Planning menus for compliance with nutrient analysis and six-cent certification

  • Setting up ingredients in menu software

  • Working with distributors and manufacturers to get documentation

  • Creating scalable recipes

  • Getting current menus into compliance

  • Sharing menus within co-ops and consortiums

  • Publishing web-based menus, mobile apps and promotional webpage

  • Our fully integrated web-based program combined with our support will guarantee compliance with USDA/HHFKA standards

  • School Business Manager support

  • Assuring contract compliance and review of Food Service Management Company and/or meal vendor in accordance with USDA statutes

  • Bringing Daily Business evaluation into annualized budget systems

  • Strategic revenue development and expense management

  • Vendor audits

Fiscal Solutions

Equipment & Facility Planning

  • Equipment Replacement Specifications

  • Foodservice Facility Reviews

  • Energy Star compliance and rebates

  • Foodservice Facility Design

  • Foodservice Facility Construction Documents

  • Bidding Services