Many school districts brace for State Administrative Reviews. Like tax season, there’s anticipation of slog—and a vague sense that perhaps not everything is fully compliant or efficient. That’s when they turn to Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors.


Most clients assume the process will be tedious and (worse) cost prohibitive. The complexity of software set up, menu compliance, and cataloging inventory seems like a huge burden to undertake.

But after participating in School Menu Solutions, each client reports overwhelming relief because Pro•Team was there every step of the way. Their added peace of mind allows for high-level projects such as innovative menu development and nutrition education programming.

In fact, most are surprised to learn they’ll launch a new menu software system in just 60-90 days.  In addition, nursing staff love the system that gives them ready access to detailed nutrition information for students with food allergies and carbohydrate restricted diets.


There’s a new paradigm for school menu development, and it’s driving towards less packaging; versatile inventory items at higher quality; and creative ways to serve students. Technology plays a big role, which is why Pro•Team activates and supports digital migration.


Race tracks aren’t linear, and neither is the 60-90-day process.

Imagine multiple runners in multiple lanes, all dashing to accelerate your path towards compliance and efficiency.


Pro•Team is committed to learning about your needs and keeping the lines of communication open. Expect an iterative experience with organized webinars, phone calls, and emails.

Success depends on your ability to supply necessary information to Pro•Team (read: the faster this happens, the faster you’ll reach the finish line). They’ll also be available for phone support in preparation for administrative review.  


Within the first few days, your software system (My School Menus) is setup and ready for data entry. Pro•Team hurries to request distributor data and inputs all ingredients into the database.

My School Menus will begin to serve as the portal for students, parents, and administrators who wish to know what’s being served (and the associated ingredients, attributes, allergens, and nutrition facts). All this information will be made publicly available.


Now it’s time to build your recipes and menus. For the next few weeks, you’ll be engaged in creative thinking and decision-making with Pro•Team.

Which dinner roll meets the whole grain requirement?

Do you need 10 cereal bars or would three suffice?

Could you use a single meat product and build two recipes from it?

On occasion, Pro•Team will discover discrepancies (like surprise chicken patty substitutes) and in these instances, details are everything: clients start to learn and gain clarity around their program, and Pro•Team aids in supplying manageable solutions.

This exercise results in reduced inventory; a boost in product quality; and the elimination of mystery surrounding compliance.


Detailed ingredients, recipes, menu planning software, production records, and interactive online menus.


Injuries are rare on the race track but can occasionally occur. Consider Pro•Team your dietitian on speed dial—for meal audits, compliance emergencies, and urgent matters. Their presence supplies the peace of mind you’ll need throughout the year.


Towards the finish line, Pro•Team gets to work on training. These trainings are conducted via convenient webinars, where district leadership and staff learn about production records, recipe adjustments, and shopping lists. Pro•Team also offers additional training (as needed).


Here’s a telling statistic:

After hiring Pro•Team, 100% of client audits produced zero findings. No corrective action was required, because schools were found to be in full compliance.

This alone speaks to the exceptional service delivered by Pro•Team. Let them solve your compliance and efficiency hurdles---and accelerate your race to the finish line. Contact a Pro•Team advisor to discuss how School Menu Solutions might be the next step you need to take to achieve menu compliance and greater peace of mind.

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