“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Food Service Management Solutions (FSMS) is still as quality-minded as ever with its new brand name: Pro•Team Foodservice Advisors. Why the rebranding? “We wanted a more approachable, progressive brand that reflects the true nature of our team-building partnership with our clients, says Paul Mackesey, FSCI, Principal and Senior Consultant. “The new name and logo help people realize just how much practical experience our individual advisors have, and what a great asset they can be. We are absolutely committed to helping internal foodservice programs stay strong and competitive in a difficult, cost-cutting environment.”

The new branding reflects the depth, experience and leadership of Pro•Team’s foodservice experts, offering comprehensive operational consulting services across multiple markets. Thus the “pro” aspect of the name indicates the team’s real-world working experience. The updated logo still includes the iconic apple, a nod to the company’s academic foodservice roots.

A new name is also significant for new markets – corporations, healthcare, corrections, central production and warehouse environments, and new services – fresh eyes reviews and professional standards level trainings. Pro•Team works with clients in a comprehensive relationship, advising and helping build ongoing organizational capacity.

“It’s great to have an experienced peer you can turn to during difficult times, but there is really so much more we can do for clients across so many program areas,” says Kymm Mutch, MS, RDN, CD, Pro•Team Vice President of Products & Services. “In our rebranding process, we realized our core passions were a progressive food vision coupled with impeccable stewardship of program resources. That’s where our street-smart, day-to-day operational experience really comes alive.”

For more information, contact Kymm Mutch at (414) 331-4412 or Kymm@proteamadvisors.com. Visit our website at www.proteamadvisors.com.