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Fresh Eyes Evaluations

Custom onsite consultation yielding innovative and effective solutions.

Fresh Eyes Evaluations

Custom onsite consultation yielding innovative and effective solutions.


A Fresh Eyes evaluation consists of our industry-leading experts visiting your district for a multi-day observation of your complete School Nutrition Program and providing actionable solutions for program improvement. The evaluation includes:

  • Review of program data prior to visit

  • Onsite evaluation visit

    • Collaboration with key stakeholders

    • Focus groups

    • Program observation

  • Actionable reports and solutions for your district

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We Do Our Homework.

Before we visit, we will review your program information — current menus for all sites, participation and financial data, assigned and actual staffing hours and rates of pay, policies, and other information applicable to the review.


Evaluate from the Inside and Out.

The observation includes collaborating with and interviewing key stakeholders across the district. Key stakeholders may include — kitchen managers, school staff and administration, parents and community members, etc. Interviewing these individuals ensures we have a comprehensive understanding of the program’s needs and challenges.

We may also put together a focus group. Focus groups allow us to glean information from your most important customer — students. Students are directly affected by the decisions you make in your program and will therefore provide great insight into what they, as a customer, want.

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Observing your program allows us to gain a clear understanding of your district’s current school nutrition operations, including:

  • Customer service

  • Meal service flow

  • Food quality and appearance

  • Serving area and cafeteria appearance (signage, packaging and presentation)

Detailed observation creates the foundation for discussing areas with opportunity for growth, who should be engaged in developing approaches, and who should be involved in execution. Your program is truly evaluated from inside and out, which provides the basis for actionable reports and solutions for your district.


Actionable Reports and Solutions.

Throughout the Fresh Eyes evaluation, we are gathering and assessing program data for thorough review of your program. Upon completion of the review, we guide your team through our overall program evaluation, which may also include review of existing menus, finances, policies, meals per labor hour (MPLH), staffing, meal service, facilities and student participation. You will receive a report summarizing our observations, commendations and recommendations that can be shared with the administration and board members.


Menu Makeover

Our expert consultants assess your current menus and menu software system for compliance with USDA standards. We review your menus for areas of improvement including:

  • Cost analysis

  • Product inventory

  • Use of cycle menus

  • Preparation techniques

  • Customer acceptance

  • Food waste

  • Menu variety

  • Marketing, etc.

We then provide practical solutions to take your menus to the next level. If you are in need of more specialized menu support, such as a menu software system and ongoing support from our specialists, check out our School Menu Solutions page.


Program Marketing & Brand Development

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We help you develop and promote a uniquely effective voice for your program through a brand that has consistent use of color, images and fonts. This brand development includes:

  • Signage

  • Posters

  • Menu boards

  • Product labels

  • Staff apparel

  • Social media outreach

Our consultants listen to your needs and wants and reflect back to you what we have heard, so we ensure we are meeting your expectations. We also share ways to promote your program and brand to students, parents, school staff and the community.

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In addition, we partner with Visualz to develop the custom visual marketing and branding your program needs to stand out. Visualz does everything from adding your logo and website to existing marketing materials and signage to designing, printing, and installing custom graphics to fully brand your space.


Cafeteria Makeover

Our industry-leading experts dive deep into the ins and outs of your operation by taking a look at the layout and function of your kitchen, service line and seating area. We consider:

  • Efficiency of service

  • Cafeteria look and functionality

  • Equipment capabilities and needs

  • Cleanliness

  • Brand consistency

We have an eye for quality design and operation and will help you develop the cafeteria you’ve always wanted.



We know how difficult it is to keep your Child Nutrition Program staffed and maintain training initiatives that engage your team members. Our consultants provide suggestions for effective staffing based on your current operations and future operational goals. We also give recommendations for training programs that meet your professional development requirements. Our experienced team can even provide professional development sessions for your staff. Visit our Staff Training & Speakers page to learn more.